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How to grow your creative agency to £1m in revenue

Posted by John Gage in Agency Growth

September 09, 2016

How do I grow my agency to £1m in revenue? It’s a question we get asked regularly. There is a common pattern. A talented suit/tech person/creative has gone out on their own. Work has come in, three or four people taken on and then they hit a ceiling. Everyone is working really hard, but somehow they can’t grow to the next level. This article addresses deals with key points that will help with your growth goals.

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Growing your business through better Business Planning

Posted by John Gage in General

September 09, 2015

Follow this three step approach to make Business Planning motivating for your senior team and useful for your agency

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Growing your agency by recruiting and retaining the people you need

Posted by John Gage in General

June 22, 2015

Two thirds of Agency People clients' growth aspirations are being held back by difficulties in recruiting people with the right skills and attributes. And with the economy set to recover further this year, its unlikely to get better any time soon. So what can you do to make "People" the Growth Driver that you want it to be?

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