Case Studies

Tribe Marketing


To create the foundations for sustained revenue and profit growth

Agency People Programme

  • Business Planning Workshops
  • High Performing Senior Team programme
  • Bespoke client review and development programme with Nestle and Coca Cola
  • Development of new business units


  • Clear business plans with related metrics
  • Second tier management in place
  • Significant profit growth 2015 vs 2014

What the client said

Michelle Lombardi

Michelle Lombardi

Co-founder, Tribe Marketing

We have worked with John and his team at Agency people since 2011. I view John in particular as an extension to my team, working closely with him on agency strategy, planning and developing our people. John is as passionate about our agency as we are and he is a complete pleasure to work with. He is particularly good at making sure we stay on track, facilitates some pretty dynamic meetings and helps us to achieve our goals year after year.

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